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St. Mira 49, village Sennoy, Temryukskiy district, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Tel: +7 918 996-74-48

GPS coordinates 45.284931, 36.992045
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About company

The Old Russian Oak crafts 10 to 600 l casks using classic cooper’s technologies – from homemade slate split oak staves. Our monthly production volume is about 300 casks, half of which goes to Fanagoria Estate Winery, and the other half is offered to other national and international customers, including private wineries.

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The Old Russian Oak Chronicle

April 2011 – Fanagoria Winery launches own cooperage to craft wine and brandy casks

2013 – first export batch goes to William Grant & Sons Ltd., Scotland, the UK

January 2013 – Round Timber Processing Workshop opens at the Cooperage

February 2015 – another batch of casks goes to Glenmorangie, Scotland, the UK

2016 – Cooperage purchases new equipment: a jointing machine, rolling lathe, multifunctional lathe, and vertical cutter.

2017 – Cooperage makes barrels for export to Georgia

The Wood

The Old Russian Oak cooperage crafts wine and brandy casks from 80 to 120-year-old Caucasian (Circassian) durmast oaks (Quercus petraea) with the density of at least four yearly rings per cm. There are three toasting options available: weak, medium (if necessary, also medium+) and strong.

The Old Russian Oak’s Advantages

Our coopers apply classical European production technologies, little known in Russia due to their sophisticated character and high demands to the equipment:

- Own pieces of woodland at the feet of the Greater Caucasus in the Krasnodar region;
- Stocking up of oak wood and accompanying woods (pine, beech) with strict control of the felled trunks;
- Production of split and sawn staves from dense oak wood;
- Natural open-air stave drying for up to two years;
- Manufacture of small brandy and wine casks (up to 10 l);
- Manufacture of vat staves (vat volume from 1.5 to 20 tons);
- Manufacture of eaves board (premium quality pine wood) and parquet planks (beech, oak).

The wood undergoes high-level processing and quality control at all stages of the technological process.

Our National and International Consumers

- William Grant & Sons Ltd, Scotland;
- Glenmorangie, Scotland;
- Massandra Winery, Crimea
- Crimean Coast Trading Company
- Château Cotes De Saint Daniel, Usadba Sarkel, Villa Zvezda, Tsimlanskie Vina, Myskhako, Raevskoe, Briansk Spirt Prom, Kemliansky Distillery, Old Greek’s Wine Stead, private wineries.