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Fanagoria Cooperage Buys Equipment to Make Small Barrels

Fanagoria Cooperage is planning to purchase a jointing machine, vertical milling cutter and multifunctional lathe to expand the range of its products, increase the output and cost efficiency, and reduce wood losses.

“A vertical milling machine has a 45° inclined spindle,” explains Head Cooper Vladimir Prisiazhniuk. “It allows to use the whole width of the stave, which in its turn makes it possible to use staves of different widths within one cask. Earlier, if we were using a 60 cm wide stave, then all other staves that were wider than that had to be cut off to that width, so that all staves would be equal. A vertical milling machine will let us use staves of different widths within one cask, which will let us use the wood more efficiently and increase our profitability.”

A jointing machine is meant for stave jointing.

What we are most interesting in is a made-to-order multifunctional lathe. Taking into account that most of the presently made lathes are pretty narrow focused devices, our combination machine tool is really unique.

“It performs five operations – alignment of the cask frame along the vertical and horizontal axes, cutting of the chimes on the staves, calibration of the barrelhead to form an ideal circle, and cutting of the chimes on the barrelhead,” comments Prisiazhniuk.

The machine tool will let the coopers make barrelheads of various diameters, so shortly Fanagoria Cooperage will launch the production of small household casks – barrels, honey and pickle tubs, bath buckets and other products with a volume of 5 to 5 l, as well as original sophisticated products, such as tailor-made sauna baths, phyto-barrels, wellness-zones, and landscaping objects.

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