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St. Mira 49, village Sennoy, Temryukskiy district, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Tel: +7 861 483-86-64

GPS coordinates 45.284931, 36.992045
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Фанагория Фанагория

About company

In April 2011, a new cooperage was opened at Fanagoria Estate Winery. The facility will be engaged in production of wine and brandy barrels and barriques (225 to 600 l) from Caucasian oak according to the European quality standards.

Every month, about 300 barrels will be made, half of which will be sold to other wineries and brandy distilleries.

Owing to extraction of the oak wood components, barrel ageing is known to ensure constancy of physico-chemical and biochemical processes required for wine perfection. Thus, a wooden barrel is an ideal system for wine seasoning.

The oaked wine bouquet is a complex mix of hundreds of compounds of different chemical classes, many of which considerably differ from one another in chemical buildup, concentration and degree of influence upon the wine’s flavour and taste.

Our advantages:

Own forest plots in the forestries of the foothills of the North Caucasus, Krasnodar region
Lumbering of oak and concomitant (pine, beech) timber, quality control of the felled trees aged 80 to 120 years
Production of high-quality split and sawn staves from tight (dense) oak wood
Natural open-air stave seasoning/drying for up to 2 years
Manufacture of brandy and wine casks from 10 to 600 l, differently toasted to meet customer's demand
Production of wine and brandy staves and chips
Production of staves for 1.5 to 20 ton oak vats