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Fanagoriya congratulated Massandra winery

On December the 6th , 2013 representatives of the management of Fanagoria took part in anniversary tasting of the NPAO "Massandra" collection wines at Yalta, the Crimea. Tasting was dated for the 120 anniversary of the beginning of construction of the main cellar of plant. On tasting 25 samples with aging from 9 to 75 years were presented. The most titled sample was Tokai Massandra of a crop of 1938. 

On a photo from left to right: The commercial director of JSC Fanagoria Evgeny Romanishin, the first deputy director general of NPAO "Massandra Arsen Guchakov, the director general of NPAO "Massandra" – the hero of Ukraine Nikolay Boyko and the deputy director general for JSC Fanagoria development Ilya Zhukov 

In the message of greeting to Massandra's head the director general of JSC APF Fanagoria Pyotr Romanishin noted the following: 

"Dear Nikolay Konstantinovich! Heartily I congratulate you and your collective with the 120th anniversary of the Main Massandra`s cellar construction launch! 

This unique construction together with professionalism of your workers allows the enterprise to remain and be in the future a pearl of Ukrainian and the European winemaking. 

At this, really, historical moment I wish to your association and collectives of prosperity, good luck, happiness and wellbeing!" 

Cooperage Fanagoria is the supplier of barrels for aging of wines of Massandra. 3 deliveries of barrels with a capacity of 600 liters are carried already out. Barrels took the worthy place in enterprise cellars, on Madera`s and Jerez`s cellars , and according to wine makers and Massandra's guide – are a quality example. We hope that in 70 and more years Fanagoria`s and Massandra's followers will estimate the wines matured in these barrels.

Also in a collection of wines and cognac of Massandra which totals more than 1 million bottles, now there is a Fanagoria`s cognac sample that is very honourable for us.

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