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St. Mira 49, village Sennoy, Temryukskiy district, Krasnodar region, Russia.

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GPS coordinates 45.284931, 36.992045
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​Old Russian Oak Cooperage Makes 70 Barrels for Georgia

The cooperage of Fanagoria Estate Winery has produced a batch of wine barrels (450 and 300 l) to be exported to Georgia. Presently, the barrels are being packed and prepared for shipment.

Fanagoria Cooperage Buys Equipment to Make Small Barrels

Fanagoria Cooperage is planning to purchase a jointing machine, vertical milling cutter and multifunctional lathe to expand the range of its products, increase the output and cost efficiency, and reduce wood losses.

Cooperage Buys New Machines

Fanagoria’s cooperage has purchased two new machines – a stave-cutter and a rolling lathe, both made by the Slovenian company Ledinek, the world’s leading manufacturer of woodworking equipment.

Winemaker Aleksey Tolstoy speaks of his experience with barrels made from Caucasian oak

You are known to be working much with Caucasian oak. What are its peculiarities?

Russian cooper targets scotch sector

A Russian cooperage has joined forces with a UK firm to target the Scotch whisky industry with its barrels as “a quality alternative to traditional European sources".

Fanagoriya congratulated Massandra winery

On December the 6th , 2013 representatives of the management of Fanagoria took part in anniversary tasting of the NPAO "Massandra" collection wines at Yalta, the Crimea.